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June 20th, 2010

moogsthewriter: (Default)
Sunday, June 20th, 2010 09:23 pm
Title: Idle Spite Has Won the Day (SNIPPET though, not a complete fic)
Fandom: Thunderbirds (movie-verse based)
Rating: If this were a complete fic, I would foresee it as being around PG-13 level.
Genre: Gen, drama, h/c
Notes: This is the first of several snippets I will probably be posting (from different fandoms). The basic premise of this story would be that a villain (probably one with previous connections to Jeff Tracy) has discovered the Tracys are in fact the Thunderbirds. He uses this to his advantage, kidnapping one of the boys, burying him alive, and after several hours of taunting and generally driving the rest of the Tracy clan into a frenzy, he would then instruct them to use their various rescuing devices to attack places containing some kind of technology he needs (or a bank from which he can get lots of money) in exchange for releasing said captured son. Of course, the gang would figure out who the villain was and stop him before the Thunderbirds would both lose a member and have their reputation tarnished. Happy endings all around.

Keep in mind that this is just a snippet, not a complete story. It will not be finished in the near future, and it is not my most stellar piece of writing. Additionally, it has not been beta'd, although it has been spell checked via Microsoft Word and my own mind.

Notes the second: There is a slight chance that I will continue working on this story, but it's roughly equivalent to a snowball's chance in hell. So if you (yes, I'm looking at you) have the desire to take this story and run with it, by all means, do so. It doesn't even have to necessarily be in this fandom, although I would love you forever if it was. I do request credit for idea inspiration, but if you don't give me that, I don't actually care all that much, seeing as how the majority of the idea isn't even mine--it's inspired by various poetry and other shows.

So yeah. Do what you will.

Disclaimer: I don't own Thunderbirds. This snippet was highly influenced by an episode of CSI (you fans will know which one I'm talking about), and the "Cry baby bunting" poem is actually a poem written by Felix Dennis so I can't even claim that.

It's 4:16 p.m., Jefferson Tracy. Do you know where your children are? )